Peterborough Community Theatre
Peterborough, NH, USA

Exterior view. The lobby is on the right, the booth is on the left.

The concession stand, complete with a big ugly guy to scare the kids away.

Lobby view.

Lobby view again. It's a small lobby, you've seen it all now.

View into the auditorium.

Another auditorium shot, those are the new speakers ready to install soon.

Last look at my tired auditorium. The drapes have sagged!!!

View into the booth. Potts platters, Century C projector.

Another look, a different angle.

The sound system as it is today. Stop laughing!!!! It's being replaced!

The pan for the new rack. Just days away now.

My old Century C - running strong and long!

Pictures of the upgrades coming soon.

Special thanks to Ray Bernardi for the pictures.