Cinema Borealis
Lincoln Park, Chicago Illinois
7-28-89 to 7-30-89

View Of Projection Booth Built to house the equipment in case of rain.
Located about 75 yards in front of the high rise apartments.

Behind The 30' X 70' Technikote Screen. Massive scaffold towers erected by a specialty contractor at a cost of almost $15,000.00. This all had to be approved by the City Of Chicago before it could be erected. There are 5 - JBL 4675 Speakers up there. Screen frame is by Mulone and Sons.

Front 1/4 view of the screen showing the 10 Intersonics Servo Drive SDL-5 Subwoofers. These extremely powerful subwoofers were to become very annoying to several of the residents of the high rises shown in the first picture. Several racks of BGW 750E power amps were supplied by Rent-Com, as were the JBL 4612's used as surround speakers.

Full front view of the 30' X 70' screen showing the Intersonics subwoofers.

A view of the Norelco AA-2,(Originaly from a theater in Boston, probably the Mayflower). The lamphouse was a souped up 4KW Christie with a Kniesley Xenex-2 reflector and added cooling. Power was supplied by a Forces Inc., 800 amp diesel-silenced generator.

The only existing 70mm print of "Days Of Heavan" was procured through Films Inc. for the Sunday event. Color was still very good, but evidence of the very beginning stages of fading were evident. The cinematography in this film is stunning! A Potts 35/70mm platter system was utilized for the event.

2001 Running on the system. Although it rained for the showing on Saturday an estimated several hundred people sat through the rain to watch the film.

2001 unspooling from the top deck. In the background is the full 6 channel CP-100 used for the screenings. Lonnie Jennings supplied the then new transformerless Dolby mag preamp cards for the MPU. The system was eq'd using a Klark Teknik 1/3 octave analyzer. The pink noise during the setup of the subwoofers apparently rattled glass on the high rises about 200 yds away causing some concern from several residents that came over and made themselves known.

The screening of the 35mm print of "Ran" on Friday night was done with a high speed Simplex X-L. The improvement in light efficiency with this projector(which is very evident in the picture) allowed the film to be projected at an extremely high light level with the modified Christie/Kniesley lamphouse. Water cooling was employed on both the X-L and Norelco projectors. Also, the screen was masked for the 1.85 aspect ratio of the 35mm film.

2001 on the screen. The rain is evident in the cone of light eminating from the projector. The rain eventually let up soon after this picture was taken.

Screening Credits.......
Cinema Borealis was a project of James Bond and the Randolph street gallery. With assistance from Mark Gulbrandsen, Rent-Com Inc., Intersonics Inc., Lonnie Jennings - Dolby Laboratories, JBL, Chicago Sun Times, 3 Penny Cinema, and the Documentary Film Group at the University Of Chicago.

Thousands of people enjoyed the free showings. Saturdays screening of 2001 was marred by rain but several hundred fans of HAL endured the weather and sat through the screening anyway.

Special thanks to Mark Gulbrandsen for submitting these pics.
Pics taken by Steve Kraus.