Nugget Theater
Telluride, Colorado

Single screen theater with seating for 190.
Note the video camera above the box office for "visual" intermission music.

Brenkert BX80 with Strong Super Lume X lamphouse.

That's not dirt from the last show...this projector is 49 years old and has been used every day.

Digita Projection 5GV video projector inbetween the 35mm film projectors where the 16mm projector usually sits.

The video table at the Nugget.

Hillary, the head projectionist at the Nugget for the Mountain Film Festival.

Ian Price, the head video tech sitting at the Nugget video setup.

The town of Telluride becomes Mountain Film.

Monday awards picnic.  Rick Silverman is standing at the microphone.

Telluride looking east from the Nugget Theater.
It's a wonder anyone goes inside to watch a movie.

Special thanks to Ian Price for the pics.