Cinema West
Noyo Cinema 3
Willits, Ca

The Noyo after its grand remodelling in 1997.  This is the sister theatre to the Lark in Larkspur, CA and the Park in Lafayette, CA.

The lobby, although small, contains newspaper articles from the opening days of the Noyo.  Including photos of the projectionist and his two Carbon-Arc lamphouses.

The original stage, screen, and chandeliers remain from the single-screen.  The mono sound has been updated to run off of a CP-500, decent amps and some MONSTROUS speakers.

Inside the large auditorium at the Noyo.

The Cinemacannica projector and the Norelco platter was replaced for the typical CFS SX-2000 consoles, Century SAs and two Potts Platters and one "Super" Platter.  The two smaller theatres didn't fare so well with sound equipment.  The booth pictured here opened "The English Patient" through an Eprad "Star-Scope"  Ask the technician how much fun those are!

#1 Booth: Century MSA/MR3 on CFS console. The sound rack on the right has recently been replaced.

Another angle of #1 and the sound rack: Eprad Starscope monitor, Dolby CP50 (from the Phoenix Theatre), Eprad StarPower 4 amplifier and unknown make exciter supply. This rack has since been replaced with a different CP50, and QSC MX700 amplifiers. Altec Speakers behind the screen, Frazier surrounds.

#1 and #2's Potts platters.

#2's StarJoke® sound rack: This rack is scheduled to be replaced with a USL processor and QSC amplifiers within the month as the Starscope processor is beginning to cause problems.

#3 (the big theatre) booth as you come in from the hallway.

#3 sound rack: Dolby CP500 with Dolby Digital, Component Engineering monitor, QSC 1400 and USA800 amplifiers. Biamped Altec A-4 bass boxes with EV MantaRay horns behind the screen, Frazier surrounds.  The rack looks a little ugly because it is the original 1940s RCA 'Photophone' rack, it even still has the brass ID plate at the bottom of it!

The #3 projector, a Century DAW2 and R4 soundhead on a CFS SX2000 console and fed by a CFS Super Platter.

Another shot of #3.

The #2 Booth.

Special thanks to Scott Neff and Aaron Sisemore for the pics.