National Geographic Society's
Gilbert H. Grosvenor Auditorium
Washington, DC, USA

The auditorium as seen from the upper booth.

The upper booth.  The Grosvenor Auditorium can run 35mm, 16mm and video.

Simplex 35 projector with 3000 watt Xetron lamphouse.  There is no automation.

The ORC platter is hidden under the stairs.  Master projectionist Eddie Dornack threads the show.

The film path from platter to projector.

A Goldberg platter reel makes buildup and break down easier.

Goldberg platter reel ready for breakdown on the Kelmar rewind table.

The Grosvenor Auditorium has an excellent picture when running 35mm.

The soundrack which features a Dolby CP200.

The lower booth is used for multi image slide presentations.

Special thanks to George Roher for the pics.