Blackman Auditorium
Northeastern University, Ell Hall
Boston, MA, USA

Exterior shot of Ell Hall.

Interior shot of Blackman Auditorium from the booth (in the back of the

The 35mm film system was installed in 1995 and consists of a Century head, Christie SLC lamphouse, and AW3 platter.  They are equipped with all formats using Schneider lenses.  This equipment combination produces one of the sharpest, steadiest pictures around, although it receives very little use.  No idea why they installed a platter in a venue which will never run anything more than once.

Reverse shot of the projector head.

Loading film onto the AW3.  This booth has no rewind bench (!), so films must be inspected elsewhere and brought in on 6000' reels.

The projection equipment is located in the sound booth (used for live theatre events); all this equipment in a small space makes for a very crowded feeling.

Reverse shot of AW3.

Close-up of projector head.

Sound rack.  Although they have a CP65, this venue is only set up for mono at this time.

Special thanks to Scott Norwood for the pics.