Centro Multimeios de Espinho
Espinho, Portugal

Exterior of "Multimeios", a 870 and 435 cinema in Portugal

Wider shot to show the size of the building better.

The lobby with bar.

At left we can see a bit of the box office, at the top is the exterior of the booth, and we can stiil see one of the doors to the cinema.

The auditorium with 280 seats.

The booth.

Shot of our 870 and 435 Strong projectors with Neutronic platters .

This is our automation and the 35 mm sound processor (Dolby CP65)

This sound rack is equipped with a Dolby CP 65, DA 20, DTS 6d and a Iwerks automation system.

Our table to splice the film with two bobs and two splicers, each one for 35 or 70 mm.

The rack sound with QSC amplifiers. We can process Dolby Digital and DTS.

Special thanks to Ivar Corceiro for the pics.