Madstone Tamarac 6
Denver, CO, USA

Please note that these pictures were taken shortly after Madstone opened the theater in late May of 2002.  Many changes have already taken place, such as the addition of "Walk Thru Seating" which allows four feet of legroom on each row, to different (and larger) signage in the lobby area.  The projection booth is also slated to undergo an overhaul with newer equipment, and Filmguard is also now used on each show.  Updated pictures will be posted once all of the changes have been made, so check back!

Welcome to Madstone Denver!  This theater used to be the former Mann Tamarac Square 6.  The outside marquee cleverly provides show information as well as contact information.

After the marquee you will see the Tamarac Square mall.  Clouds enjoy hovering in the sky over the mall from time to time.

The outside of the theater.  On the left is a separate entrance to the new "Lounge" area.

Big crowds eagerly await entry into the theater nearly every night.

The crowd at Madstone Denver on a typical Tuesday night.

Another lobby shot with the concession stand on the right.  Notice the cool projected clock on the wall.

Madstone added a Lounge area to the lobby.  The lounge serves various drinks (yes, with alcohol).  They also offer select pastries and other assorted goodies you don't usually find in movie theaters.  As you can see, booze brings in the crowds.

A shot of the lobby and concession stand before the theater opens for the day.

A shot of the lounge stand before the theater opens for the day.

The hallway leading to the auditoriums.  The auditoriums are not numbered like your typical movie theater complex.  Instead they are lettered: C, F, E, D, B, and A... in that order.

The large giant screen auditorium.

A shot of the large giant screen auditorium looking down from the booth.

Here is a picture of the small auditorium

A reverse shot of the small auditorium.  All auditoriums feature JBL 8330 surround speakers.

Each auditorium has a row of lights on one side pointing at the wall.  The lights are hooked to a switch and do not fade, so we keep them off at all times.  Nobody is quite sure as to the purpose of these lights.

Now it's time to go up to the booth!  To get to the booth we must climb this ladder.  Or stairs.  Or ladder.  Which is it?  Hmmmm….

Here it is, the Madstone Denver projection booth!  Unfortunately the booth did not get any upgrades (so far) from when it was Mann Theaters, other than the conversion to reverse scan sound readers.

Projectors are Simplex (circa late 1960's).  All other equipment is ORC (circa 1976 when the theater was originally built).  ORC is now out of business.

ORC lamphouses and automation make sure the projectionists are always on their toes.  The automation allows the projectors to be started and stopped.

The lack of sufficient payout tension on the ORC platters can wreak havoc on a print if a projectionist is not careful.  This picture was taken with a flash while the film was running.  This shot was not staged.

Two of the sound racks.  Each auditorium is equipped with a Dolby CP50.  The small house sound rack is on the left and features 5 Kelmar block amps running at 50 watts each.  The sound rack on the right is for the large giant screen and features QSC and BGW amps.

Unfortunately some of the sound racks are located a great distance away from the operating side of the projectors.  One wonders what Mann Theaters was thinking when they put this booth together!

Projector #A with the panel off to do some automation work.  You can also peer into the luxurious booth bathroom.

The main worktable area

Each and every individual wire has its very own conduit!

Special thanks to Joe Redifer for the pics.