John W. Woods IMAX Dome Theater
McWane Center, Birmingham, Alabama, USA.

Outside view of McWane Center and IMAX Dome Theater.

Grand Lobby view towards IMAX Dome Theater.

IMAX Dome Theater Ticketing Counter.

15kW Xenon lamp and Collector Mirror display in Theater lobby.

IMAX Dome Projector in Load (lowered) position.

IMAX 3-Deck Quick Turn Reel Unit ready to show film.

IMAX Dome Projector in Show (upper) position.

Sonics DTAC Sound System (Left 2 racks) and Amplifier Racks (Right 2 racks)

IMAX Rectifier for 15kW water-cooled xenon lamp

IMAX air compressor, drier, and receiver.

IMAX coolant conditioning unit for cooling lamphouse mirrors, dowser and lamp. With a full backup supply of de-ionized water visible in background.

IMAX Spice Automation system for complete control over lighting, slide projectors and audio system.

Special thanks to Jeff Smith for the pictures.