UA Marketplace Movies 6
Long Beach, California

Aaaaaah, yes.  The Christie AW2 platters!  Fortunately these were replaced shortly after these pics were taken in 1983 with AW3s.

Here's a shot looking across projector #3 towards #4. Projector #5 is obscured in the far background. In 1983, the only stereo house was #1. In this picture, you can see the mono sound processor mounted on the back of the lamphouse.

Here we see the dreaded, teenage projectionist of the early 1980s (when they first started invading booths of the major chains). This is projector #1 which, at the time, was a Century projector equipped for 35mm and with an ancient Dolby Processor (which is mounted to the wall behind those platters). The system was capable of 4-channel optical or magnetic sound.  The 35mm magnetic sound head is mounted atop the projector.

The #1 system was upgraded to 70mm in time for the opening of RETURN OF THE JEDI in 1983. Here is the 70mm print of RETURN OF THE JEDI on a set of brand new platters. The new sound rack,  featuring a Dolby CP200, is standing in the background.

The dreaded, teenage projectionist now tackles a new 35/70mm Century projector. Like the rest of the projector, the magnetic sound head on the top is capable of reading magnetic tracks on either 35mm or 70mm prints.

A teenage projectionist's worst nightmare portrayed in this staged photograph.
Note:  it has been confirmed the teenager is none other than Greg Anderson!

Special thanks to Greg Anderson for the pics.