Malling, Denmark

Malling is a village with about 4.500 inhabitants - 14 km south of Aarhus -next largest city of Denmark, population about 300.000 - watching their films in one 9-screener, one 5'er and a 4-screen arthouse.  CinemaxX to spoil the peace next autumn with new 8-plex - May it be as short-lived as the german's last attempt: a Brand new 8-plex in Odense, running for7 months before giving up !!

The Victoria sits in former consession-stand - No room for nothing - Very special set-up - but it works, even though my 250 pound doesn't fit very well in there.

Screen 2, Cinemeccanica Victoria 9 projector with Cinemec CX 900 lamphouse

This setup is a bit speciel - CP 65, DTS 6D, QSC amps, Kinoton ST 200E platter and Cinemeccanica 2x4000 spool tower.

Auditorium #2 - To be renovated next summer.

39 seats only, but good for weird stuff and longrunners, though.

Screen width 3.5 meters for 1:85 and Scope, -topmasking moveable.

Screen 1 "The Big One !"
(Photos taken summer 2001)

Just renovated with new seating, paintwork (black roof - former white, that works !!), carpet, curtain, light ---All!  Not much - but quite cosy, I thínk.

Facade 1992 - Warming up to local premiere on HOOK - first film in 70mm after installing Dolby sound.

Danish shipping reels and boxes: The 70mm is Baraka, -the beer the Local Luxury brew CERES ROYAL.

Entrance 1992

Downtown Malling on a very busy day

Local "Beethoven" premiere with Saint Bernard get-together. -Sofus had invited his whole family, so 23 of those big drawling monsters entered the cinema after having caused a tiny traffic-jam outside, when the dogs lined up on the pavement. Two (lady) drivers, going opposite ways, (both claimed to have been blinded from the sun) looked too much on the doggies, and met on the centerline. -Boom !  No dogs harmed, but the ladies met in the same hospital-room later the same afternoon, now having all the time in the world to discuss traffic rules...

Screen, projector 1. Sorry for those PTR rolls. -No Kelmar dealer round here, and the famous Mr Gulbrandsen, who kindly would sell me one as soon as he got back from the Winter-Olympics, obviously froze onto the ice out there and never got home. So, I'm still no removing the dirt, -just moving it...!  Funny, so small the DP can look, whne sitting directly on the floor, without boxes and with the smallest light on earth. -But those two old beauties have been serving me loyal now since november 1974 - the last ten years, thanks to Herr Mueller of Kinoton, Hamburg, who still is not just willing to spend the time servicing, but also still master the art of getting spare parts for the oldies.

Screen 2 - The coke rack.

Sofus the Second - just a bit under 200 pounds - guarding danish standard shipping boxes - each holding 2 reel of 1800 meter (5.400 feet) film. The orange box is danish "Kinobox", the grey one is the italian "Speers Cinebox".

Booth screen 1 - Here I live. The DPs (my present for myself on my 22nd birthday) moved in for "Where Eagles Dare" 70mm reissue, november 21st, 1974 together with danish Bang & Olufsen ToddAO 6-ch tube panel. Projector and sound gear coming from demolished Palladium Cinema of Copenhagen. - In Malling replacing two Bauer B5 with Microtechnica Arc lamps.

These pictures I took, visiting the theatre summer 1975. -Thats Ten Commandments on top of the ST270 and My Fair Lady in 70mm underneath.

"Our department in Copenhagen" - Tre Falke Bio - on lease from july,1st 1980 and ten months - then broke !!!   Denmarks greatest single screener (ask Thomas Hauerslev); 976 seats, purpose-build ToddAO place: 2 DP 70 with Zeiss Ikon 6500 watt xenon - During my time running almost every 70mm print available.

Special thanks to Per Hauberg for the pics.