The Magnolia Theater
Dallas, Tx, USA

The Magnolia Theater.  A 5 screen new construction art house in Dallas.

Reverse shot of the entrance.

The box office.

Escalators take you upstairs to the lobby and your theater.  Stairs are provided for exit.

The Magnolia bar/cafe.

The concession stand.

Shot of the lobby and auditorium entrance.

The projection room.  This is the projector that sits off to the side for the large auditorium.

A better lit shot of the equipment setup.
Simplex projectors, Highlight II consoles, CNA-150 automation...

...and SCDC platters.

Shot of #3 and 4.

(We have yet to figure out why the platters and consoles have different numbers on them.)

Standard sound system.

CP650 w/Dolby Digital and Crown amplifiers in all auditoriums.

Better shot of the projector.

Better shot of the automation and lamphouse.

The large auditorium.