Cinemark Macedonia 15
Macedonia, Ohio

A view of the outside.  Built as a newer style Cinemark without all the neon.

Work station #1.  House 4 is to the right and 1-3 to the left.

Work station #2.  Hardly used the Neumade cabinet still hasn't been taken out of the box.

All of the projectors and platters are alike with only the sound systems varying.  This is an all-Christie package.

The projectionists report many problems with belts shedding on these machines.

Shot of the "big houses" booth.

The projectionists here get plenty of walking!

Some of the projectors are up on risers to accommodate the stadium seating (see the one on the right).

With booths wide enough to drive a car, who wants mopping duty?

#13-15...smaller houses.

Theaters 1-7 are DTS with Ultra stereo processing.

Theaters 8-15 are Dolby digital with Ultra stereo processing.

Special thanks to Joshua Waaland for the pics.