InterState Movies 8
Lewisville, Texas, USA

Movies 8 in Lewisville TX is a sub run theater.

Built originally by Cinemark, it is now operated by InterState Theaters.

Yup, looks like a Cinemark standard issue decor.

Restrooms are on the way out.

The podium.

Shot to the left of the entrance ramp.

Shot to the right of the entrance ramp.

Standard issue Cinemark booth equipment of the day.

SPECO LP-270 platters...

Cinema Film Systems consoles (with Rentec automation)...

Simplex projector heads...

...and an Ultra Stereo processor with Peavey amplifiers.

Apparently there was a lot to break down at the time of these photos.  That's two MUTs in position.

The projectors to the big auditoriums are in their own hallways.

The booth desk and work area, conveniently behind a set of doors so the projectionists can get away from the noise for awhile.

One of the big houses in flat mode.

A small house in scope mode.