Landmark Square Cinema 9
Stamford, Connecticut, USA

The Landmark is odd in a number of ways. There is no marquee or signage on the outside of the building at all. It has 9 auditoriums and is spread out over 3 floors. There are 6 projection booths and two concession stands.

The box office, located in the shopping center.

One of the two concession stands.

Auditorium 7 as seen from the rear.

Another view of auditorium 7. Projectionists here are required to have arms at least 5 feet long in order to focus the projectors.

Strong package including projector, console and automation. Notice that the console is right up against the wall. Nice job, Mister Architect ... how is the equipment supposed to be worked on?

Oh, how lovely.

A closeup of projector 7. No digital sound here.

The sound rack includes a Dolby CP-45, Component Engineering monitor and QSC amps.

The Strong platter is also crammed in here somewhere.

Another projector, this one with a DTS reader.

Another sound rack, this one with a Dolby DA20 for Dolby Digital, CP-45, CE MS-100 monitor and QSC amps.

The booth for auditoriums 3-6. The other five auditoriums each has its own booth.

A sound rack configured with a DTS-6D and the work area in the background.

A lovely Strong makeup table complete with Neumade splicer and top-of-the-line 3M masking tape dispenser.

Special thanks to Roger Katz for the pics.