Cinema West Los Banos 6
Los Banos, CA, USA

The exterior of the cinemas. The building used to be a Thrifty Drug store.

A closer look at the entrance, marquee, and box office.

Another shot of the entrance and box office.

Yet another closer look at the entrance and box office.

Close up shot of the box office window.

The snack bar.

A closer view of the snack bar.

Looking out toward the entrance from the lobby.

The lobby opposite the snack bar.

The hallway to the theatres. Video game room to the left, restrooms to the right.

The video game room.

The end of the hallway from the lobby. Cinema 6 and the ladies' room doors are visible.

The largest auditorium and its 47x19 screen (masked for flat in the picture)

Seating Concepts seats in the largest auditorium.

Cinema 5 auditorium and its Mobilario seating.

Cinema 4 auditorium.

Cinema 4 from the top of the stadium seating.

Cinema 3 auditorium.

The large break and storage area . The electrical room is thru the door, and the booth stairs are just to the right of the door.

The electrical room.

The stairs to the projection booths.

The rewind table in the booth.

Long shot of the 2-3-4-5 booth during the final days of construction.

The #6 booth and its Film-Tech resurfaced Christie AW3.

#6 from the film side: Century SA/R4, 2000W Kneisley Xenex lamphouse. All six theatres use Component Engineering TA-10 automations and Component Engineering red LED reverse scan analog sound readers.

#6 sound rack: Dolby CP55, Component Engineering MS55 monitor, QSC USA850 and MX700 amplifiers. JBL and EV speakers in the auditorium.

Stepping up to the #1 booth.

#1 booth in operation.

The #1 sound rack. From top: Dolby CP55, Dolby SRA5, Component Engineering MS100 monitor, SDDS DFP2000 configured for SDDS-8, two Smart TCX650 crossovers, Smart CS-3X EX decoder, 5 QSC USA1310 and 2 QSC MX1100 amplifiers. 5 biamped JBL screen channels and JBL subs and surrounds in #1.

#1's booth: Century SAW/R3E, L.P. & Associates 4000W lamphouse.

A shot of #1's IREM power supply (modified for expanded cooling capability), and Christie AW3 platter.

#2 booth: Centory SA/R4 and Kneisley Xenex lamphouse.

#2 amp rack: Dolby CP55, Component Engineering MS55, Smart music distribution system, Phonic Ear H/I driver, 2 QSC MX700 amps, and RCA CD player. JBL speakers.

Chief Projectionist Lowell Pritchard training one of the assistant managers on how to properly thread an AW3.

#3 booth: Yet another Century/Kneisley/AW3 combo.

#3 sound rack: USL JS-260 cage modded to JSX1000 components, USL monitor, Phonic Ear H/I driver, three QSC MX700 amplifiers. JBL speakers.

#4 as seen from the rear.

#4 sound rack: USL JSX-1000, USL monitor, DTS-6, 2 QSC USA900 and one QSC 1310 amplifiers. JBL speakers and subs.

#4's Century SA.

Special Thanks to Aaron Sisemore and Scott Neff for the pictures.