Linear Loop Projector

Operating side of the projector/console.  The console is a modified Super Highlite II attempting to run a 7000 watt lamp.  The combination grossly underlights the 70 x 55 foot screen.  As with other adapted lamphouses, actual lamp stability has also been a major problem in this installation.

Close up of the operating side of the linear loop projector.  This machine is extremely compact and well laid out.

Close up of the trap and both sprockets.  Note the air jets that have been installed (after the fact) to aid in on screen film stabilization.  This provided much improved focus stability.

Rear view of the trap showing the registration pins.  Note the chain drive for remote focus.

Front view of the sound racks.  The sound system is passively crossed over to 3 JBL 4675Cs located at the standard L, C, R positions behind the screen.  There is no top center channel in this system.  One JBL 4642 subwoofer attempts to cover the auditorium.

Wide shot of the booth showing the equipment layout with Neumade special venue platter system.

Special thanks to Mark Gulbrandsen for the pics.