The Lincoln Theatre
Mount Vernon, WA, USA

Belt drive of the theatre’s air circulation system.

Motor drive for the air circulation system. This is a new motor, the old one from 1926 finally died.

The “squirrel cage” of the blower. This thing is huge!

Remnants of Simplex E-7’s.

A Junk Super Simplex sitting on the shelf.

Some more Simplex E-7’s and 4 Peerless Magnarc lamphouses.

An old Western Electric base that was in the booth before the LL-2’s were installed.

A beautiful pile of junk, notice the cool film cabinets on the left.

Closer view of the film cabinets.

A much nicer view of the retired Peerless Magnarcs.

Can anyone identify that black thing in the center of the picture?

An old Simplex wall box with a nice big volume control knob.

A simplex XL Magnetic Penthouse.

Special thanks to Paul G. Thompson for the pics.