LesRialto 7
Unknown location

A shot of the booth for #4 and 5. Be careful! The space between the two projectors is very restricted !

A shot of auditorium #5. 50 Quinette-Galay seats. This little auditorium features SR-Sound.

A shot of the main booth dedicated to auditorium #3. Highlight Console and Strong projector, 5-deck Strong alpha Platters. At left a table with two Cinemeccanica film rewinders and a Strong make up table. All the take-up and the breakdown of the movies are done here. The TV sets in the background are used to see if the film is running in the other auditoriums. The black rack behind the column contains the dimmers for the auditorium.

A shot of the auditorium #3. 468 seats.
A total of 7 auditoriums in this multiplex with 1056 seats.

A shot of the lower lobby for access to auditoriums 3, 4 & 5 (downstairs) and auditorium #2 (door not visible on the pic). Upstairs is the cinema’s Cafe named “Art Zoo” where people can eat or drink something after the show.

Special thanks to Jean-Michel Grin for the pics.