Les Galeries du CinemaEUROPLEX CINEMAS
Les Galeries - Lausanne  (Switzerland)

A shot from the main entrance of our multiplex In Lausanne.  Before itís was 2 separate theaters and in 1995 weíve converted in a 6-plex, and 2 theaters where added in 1998. The cinema is nearby the main railway station and many people are coming after a business day to see a movie. 8 auditoriums, a total of 1093 seats.

A shot from the main entrance with the box office.

A shot from the concession stand

A shot from the main lobby.

A Shot of the Booths Nr 1 and 2. These auditoriums have 125 seats each.  The booths are equipped with a Strong X90 console and a 5-deck Strong alpha platters.  The sound system is JBL loud speakers and of course Dolby Digital.  The customers can walk by theses booth and look into the glass. Peoples like to see the machines running.  For them is a part of magic of the movie theater

A Shot inside the booth Nr 2.  In the Background you can see the entrance for the auditorium 1 and 3.  Sorry that you canít see the entire projector mechanism but to take this picture I had to be on the other side of the platters where the booth is very cramped!


A shot from the booth Nr 7 and 8 taken from the main lobby.  A left you can see the access ramp to the auditorium Nr 8.  The auditorium Nr 7 has 71 seats and the auditorium Nr 8 has 66 seats.

A reverse Shot of the Booth 7 and 8. Strong 5-deck DMC Platters.  In Background: the main Lobby

The Auditorium Nr 8.  Each auditorium have a different type of artistically paint on the walls.

A shot of the auditorium Nr8 toward the screen.

A Reverse Shot of the auditorium Nr 4. All auditoriums featuring Quinette-Gallay seats.

The main booths are dedicated to projectors 3 and 4.  It serves to build and breakdown the programs too.

A closer view of the projector Nr 3. X-90 console, CPA 10 automation, 5-Deck Strong alpha Platters, Dolby CP 65 Processor.  A few months later this auditorium will upgraded with a DA-20 and a CAT-700 Dolby Digital Reader.

Whatís happend if the projectionist let the xenon lamp on all the day?  This douser plate was burned by a 1,6 kW xenon Lamp.  Note for this moment we donít have another alternative, The Strong CPA-10 automation goes crazy when the xenon is ignited by the automation.

A shot of the projection booth, equipped with a Highlight 2 Console, Strong projector and 5-deck Strong Alpha Platters.  This single Ėscreen theater featuring 386 comfortable seats and SRD Ė SDDS and DTS sound. Thatís me on the picture!

Special thanks to Jean-Michel Grin for the pics.