Cinemark Legacy 24
Plano, Texas

This is Cinemark's flagship theater, located in East Plano, Texas.

At night it lights up with a nice blend of lights and neon.

Here is one of the satellite concession stands.

Lots o' $$$ was spent on making the place look extra pretty to be sure to attract the customers who choose their theater based upon prettiness of the lobby.  9 sheets and banners help to distract from the classiness.

The other main hallway to the theaters.

Reverse shot looking into the lobby.

And here we have the projection room.

The layout is virtually identical to their recent 20 and 24 plexes.
However, Cinemark has switched over to the all-Christie package.

This is the only part of the booth that is cramped, the small houses.

The rest of the booth is extremely spacious.  A few of the projectors are on these platforms due to the stadium seating.

Moving prints here is FUN!  (Not quite as fun as Cinemark Tinseltown Plano though. )

The central buildup station in the upper booth.

Large storage cabinets hold the trailers, parts and tools.

Here we are in one of the lonely parts of the booth, where the film dosen't get checked on too often.

Trash bags cover the inappropriately placed HVAC air vents.

Some of the smaller houses (note the tilt).

With 24 screens, there is ALWAYS something to be threaded.

A basic 3 cue automation controls everything and is built into the consoles.

Oops.  There goes the ability to clean prints!  Mounting a digital penthouse on top of the cleaner bracket is an all-too-common error with Christie projectors due to their aperture jogger being "in the way", and this theater is no exception.
(Note:  in Christie's defense, all penthouse readers WILL mount directly on top of their projector without the cleaner bracket.  The installing technician just wasn't smart enough to do it.)

Wait, what's this?  This picture was taken a year later and look what has happened...someone got smart enough to stack the penthouse and cleaner bracket properly!  (See, told ya it was the installing technician's mistake.)

Half of the theater is equipped with Dolby CP-500s and SRD.  The other half has Ultra stereo processors and DTS.

This theater is also equipped with SRD just like the one above, but with one glaring improvement...a magnetic sticker at the top of the sound rack.  While this one may not be a "Super Dooper Mega Pooper" sound system, that sticker definitely makes it better.

A closeup of the Ultra Stereo processors being used in conjunction with dts6-D units.

And now for the DLP part of today's tour...

Here is one of their DLPs in the smaller auditorium.

A Sony DFP-3000 was brought in to run Final Fantasy in DLP with 8 channel sound.

The controller and sound rack.

Here is the large auditorium.  Threading the 35mm projector is extra fun here with all of the elbow room.

The sound system for the large auditorium and DLP control.

Don't let the excitement stop here, be sure and download the video tour of this theater from the Video Warehouse.