Philippe Laude Private Screening Room

The Bauer B11 with the exhaust fan at the top, in the foreground, the 35mm viewer.

The booth seen through the port glass, from the screening room.

The reverse scan modified Bauer reader.

The tower and the B11, seen from the screening room.

Happy audience.

The booth during a projection.

Loaded tower, ready to start.

Front view of the tower.

Another view of the tower, note the splicers on the top table and the 4200m reel on the wall.

Lenses for scope, 1.37, 1.66, 1.85, my feet on the top of the picture

B11 note the upper and lower magazines have been replaced ( to allow 1800m reels) by home-made cosmetic plates; on the wall, 2 home-made 16mm reels.

35/16 Make-up table with 35mm viewer on the left.

The B11 reel to reel (maximum 1800m).

The scope screen, 4.16m X 1.74m.

The screen, seen from the booth.

The sound rack: Dolby CP 65,Dolby DA 20, 3 QSC MX 700, general public non-sync cd reader.

21 places,  7m throw,
Micro perforated transsonic scope screen 4.16m X 1.74m,
behind it: 3 JBL screen speakers, 1 JBL sub
2 JBL surround speakers

1 Bauer B11( 600 working hours) analogic reverse scan reader, Dolby 701 reader on top, genuine 900W xenon lamphouse
1 Schrieber rectifier
1 home-made tower, up to 5000m
1 sound rack (see details under picture)

Special thanks to Philippe Laude for the pics.