Rialto Cinemas Lakeside
Santa Rosa, California

CLICK HERE to download a radio interview with the owners Ky Boyd and Ian Price.
MP3 format - 4.73 megs - 27 1/2 minutes

Welcome to the newly remodeled Rialto Cinemas Lakeside.

Let's take a closer look at the front of the building.  Here we can see the new paint job better.

Nicely trimmed shrubbery!

Before we go inside, Ky wants to show everyone his Smart Center Surround 3X that he won at ShoWest!

The newly remodeled box office.

The lobby complete with customers (a good thing).
Note the cool paper job on the columns.

Here's what the concession stand looked like before Ian and Ky took over!
(Actually, it was just their construction in progress.)

This is a shot of the concession stand as it was when the old owners moved out.

Concession stand before construction.

Concession stand during construction.

And the concession stand as it stands today.

Let's get another shot of that stand.  Very nicely done!

But that's not all, now they serve capuccino, latte, mocha java, strawberry/banana smoothee, italian soda, iced and hot tea.

Classic posters have been hung down the hallways and are now lit with mini spot lights.

Another shot of the hallway.  There is a catwalk above to get between booths.

Shot of the lobby from the concession stand's perspective.

The "cafe" area.

Wide shot of the cafe area.

The murial was done by LeAnn Boyd, Ky's cousin.
Vinyard in Sonoma County, CA.

Ky looking over the bills for all of this remodeling in the office.

And here is the office as it stands today!
From left to right, Ky Boyd, Michael O'Rand and Ian Price.

Ok, now we're finally going to get into the booth!
This is the #1 house, now outfitted with a Dolby CP-65 processor and Dolby digital.

Older SPECO platters handle the film to and from the Simplex projectors.

#5 with Ky checking up on the ushers through the port window during the end credits.

Older SH-1000 soundheads are used in conjunction with new Christie SLI lamphouses.
All booth upgrading performed by Gary Stanley.

Athena, the platter kitty claiming territory.

And finally, the FilmGuard shameless plug.

Special thanks to Ian Price and Ky Boyd for the pics.
This now sets the record for the picture page with the most pictures.