Mann's Kipling Place 6
Denver, Co

The exterior of Kipling.
Doesn't look like anything at all, but many great projectionists came from here.

This shot was taken after Kipling was converted to a dollar house, which brought stereo to all the auditoriums.
Kipling was one of the few theatres that had to be "upgraded" to dollar theatre quality!

Why put up with the annoyances of THX, digital sound, or even comfort when you can come to Kipling and watch a movie in mono on the BIG screen (shown above).

The projection booth with Century projectors.
Going from downstairs to upstairs is like going through the Twilight Zone.
One stands in amazement at the equipment used to power such a theatre.

WOW!  Christie AW3 platters, too?
Looks like they put all of their money in the booth and none downstairs!

Special thanks to Joe Redifer for taking the pics.