Kinepolis Switzerland 8

Exterior of the complex by night

The concession stand.

One of the big auditoriums.

Another big auditorium.

Big auditorium.

Note the distance from the 1st row to screen.It is 13 meter

This is a small theatre.

Here is a "bridge"leading from one booth to the other.  It is open to the lobby.

Each booth have 4 Projectors.2 on the left side for the small auditoriums and 2 on the right for the bigger houses.We can run interlock between the 2 houses on the right, at each booth.

Another shot of the booth.Between two theatres they are chambers,with doors to the theatres.  You can check the sound there,without going downstairs.

All Projectors are Cinemeccanicca V5 with Consoles.  And we have CNR 3-35 Platters.
The automation is a self construction of the company-own Tech-Departement.With Toch-screen.

Proj #2.At the end over the bridge you see the other booth.

The Projectors of the 2 biggest houses are watercooled.

Rack for the big house.All theatres have THX and Dolby Digital.  Only the two biggest with EX.In the big auditorium we have 6 subwoofers.

Make up table and seperate Platter (both Kinoton)only for building or tear down prints.

And this is the build up area.

Special thanks to Mike Baer for the pics.