Keauhou Cinemas
Kailua-Kona, HI, USA

This 7 screen theatre complex is located at the south end of the Kailua-Kona resort area in the Keauhou Shopping Center, seen here from the scenic overlook. The theatres are the white roofs at the center of the complex.

An exterior view of the theatres. These theatres are operated by Consolidated (Pacific) although the facility is owned by the shopping center.

The box office. Reflections make the LED film schedules hard to read during the day.

The lobby, concession stand and entrance to theatres 1 and 2 and the main restrooms. Note the carpet right up to the concession stand; perfect for soaking up those spills!

Entrance to theatre 3. Theatres 4 to 7 and game room are around the corner to the right.

Corridor for theatres 1 and 2. Booth entrance and restrooms on the left, entrance to #2 on the right, concession storage and lobby ahead and to the right.

Corridor to theatres 4 through 7. These are 4 and 5. The game room and 6 and 7 are on around the corner.

The game room, additional restrooms, and theatres 6 and (at the end of the hall) 7.

The game room, with the only neon inside the building.

One of the four large auditoriums, with 231 seats. This is #5. Note how low the booth port is above the last row of seats. This is common to the large houses here, leading to lots of shadows on the screens.

Another view of #5. All houses share this color scheme. Note the fluorescent (!) aisle lighting. It is actually gelled deep blue to try to reduce washing out the film image.

And a view of #5's screen set for scope. #4 and 5 have common-height masking; the other five houses are common-width. Screen speakers and subwoofers are Electro-Voice; surrounds are JBL.

This is one of the three small auditoriums; #6 with 131 seats. The booth port is at least properly located here.

And #6's scope masking. Slides are "courtesy" of NCN.

Up to the booth.

The booth entrance is to the left. Theatre 1 is behind us; we're looking past #2 towards 3 through 7.

This is theatre 1's booth. All have Simplex Milleniums with 5-Star soundheads, Xetron XCN-35 consoles, Maxi-12 automations and Neumade Neutronic platters. The small houses have 2k lamps, the large houses 3k.

Theatre 1's platter.

Typical sound rack. From the top, Telex H.I. transmitter, CP500, Big Sky booth monitor, Kenwood CD changer (no distribution amps here), external digital interface for DTS and SDDS rollarounds (houses 2 through 5).

3 QSC USA 900s and 2 USA 1310s in each rack. Power switches are marked for manager shutdown after last showings.

Here are the DTS and SDDS rollaround carts with their readers. They can run in the larger theatres.

The interlock accumulator between # 3 and 4. It has been used on only 2 prints since these theatres opened. Interlock is also possible between #6 and 7; used on only one print. All hardware is Neumade.

Spare parts, supplies and trailers.

Booth office.

Film makeup area.

Consoles 4 and 5 showing tight quarters. The auditoriums are back to back, so the consoles are offset to allow passage.

Around the corner to #6 and 7. The tubs are to catch some of the many leaks in the roof.

Looking back from #7 toward #6 and the corridor to the rest of the booth. These theatres were built around a 45 degree corner on an existing site. Theatre 7 has the only operator-side platter here. You can just see the interlock rollers on the left wall.

Closeup of projector #5. Component Engineering digital/analog basement LED readers and Schneider lenses.

Another view of #5 showing the docking station for the external digital readers. The wall box contains the DTS pigtail connector.

Screen #5 masked for flat from the booth.

Special thanks to Chris Markiewicz for the pics