Kahilu Theatre
Kamuela, HI, USA

Exterior of the theatre from across the street.

Front entrance.

Lobby from snackbar end.

Lobby from art gallery end.

Snackbar. BIB has been replaced by 20 oz. bottles due to noise from ice machine.

Auditorium from stage. Note full-width booth windows. 2 JBL 4311 surrounds at either end of booth.

View of auditorium with main drape in. This theatre is used mainly for live performances, with films shown on "dark" weekends.

Screen set for scope, 31 feet wide. Screen frame is on overhead track, stores offstage when not in use.

And set for flat. Masking is duvetyne. Screen is Hurley Superglo.

Screen stored, speakers ready to roll into place. JBL 4675s with additional 18" subwoofer under center speaker.

Rear view of screen and speakers. Stage drapes are flown in to reduce echoes backstage.

From stage right. Small rack with 2 QSC amps drives screen and sub speakers. Also used to drive stage monitor speakers for live shows. Signals are sent from booth via house mic lines.

Entering the booth, Kintek processor to left, Neumade editing table at rear.

Reverse view of the booth. Christie CH10 console with SLC mirror, P35C projector, AM3 automation. We only use show-end cues. House lights are controlled by projectionist.

Eiki EX6100 16mm projector rolls between main projector and platter, but is very rarely used.

Kintek KT-700 and CD & cassette decks. Soundcraft 24 channel mixer and EQ rack for live shows. There is a remote fader for the Kintek next to the projector. Note the thin plywood panels covering most of the booth windows.

AW3 platter with resurfaced decks.

Running a show.

The mighty Kintek. Projector 2 is set up to take the solar cell output from the Eiki.

House sound rack. NAD tuner for tunes, Program/PA amp used as booth monitor, active 3 way crossovers for house main speakers, Yamaha amps for film surround, spare stage monitor, and house main high, mid and low.

Christie P35C with Kelmar reverse-scan LED. Sankor scope and Cine-Navitar flat lenses.

Close-up of Kelmar reader.

Special thanks to Chris Markiewicz for the pics.