Jeff Larson Screening Room
Vancouver, British Columbia

This extremely clean installation features the following projection equipment:
Simplex E-7 projection head, Motiograph SH7500 optical sound head and a MagnaSync MagnaSonic magnetic penthouse all mounted on a Simplex base.

Excellent light is furnished by a like-new ORC integrated 1000 watt xenon lamphouse.

An inside view of the projector, optical and magnetic soundheads.

A Dolby CP-200 is the heart of this sound rack.  The monitor and exciter power supply are Kelmar.  Amps are QSC mx700s.

The screening room size is 12 feet wide by 25 feet deep.  The screen is matte white and sound perforated, measuring 5.5' by 12'.  The screen is mounted on a special curved wooden frame and the side masking is black velvet mounted on a moveable track.

Stadium seating for 10!  Ten 1950's vintage theatre chairs complement the rear seating area.  Bose 101 surround speakers supply all the surround sound any audience would ever want.

To the right of the theatre entry and exit door you can see the superb antique theatre ticket grinder.  Custom theatre side lighting gives the theatre walls a moody soft glow.

A Neumade bench is used for rewinding and inspection.

Additional rewind capability is supplied by a Goldberg rewind table with very large film capacity.

Special thanks to Jeff Larson and Bob Leader for the pics.