Iwerks Theater
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma USA

Most people are aware of Imax and their involvement in the 15/70 world, but Iwerks has also come to play.
Here we see one of their 15/70 setups in the lower 48.  

Here we can see the Iwerks version of the Quick Turn Reel Unit or QTRU.

Here an operator team begin to thread the monster system.

Another view of the QTRU

A bad view of the supply side platter

A shot of the QTRU running.

The soundracks for the soundsystem.  As with most special venue theaters like this one, a modified version of DTS is used with 35mm backup.

Here is the automation and house control equipment.

Here, an operator checks on the progress of the show.

One of the techs showing Josh the mag dubber.  Josh couldn't stop drooling over the SR cards.

A spent 15KW bulb on display.

Special thanks to Paul G. Thompson and Josh Jones for the pics.