Interstate Tiffany Plaza 6
Denver, Colorado, USA

Here is the large auditorium at the Tiffany Plaza, #6.  The smallest screen was too small to photograph.

Looking into the projection booth.  The nearest projector in this picture is #3, with the furthest being #6.
Where are #1 and #2?  Behind the camera... just turn around and look.  See 'em?

Typical setup of the projection equipment, with the platter being on the operators side and the soundracks being even further to the right of the platter.  You can bang your head on the exhaust tube if you aren't careful when walking around the non-operator side of the projector and lamphouse, as I have done many times, yet I fail to learn.

Lamphouses and automation are ORC, projectors are Christie P35C's with manual turrets.  Everyone loves Christie P35C's.  The trash can behind the lamphouse was supplied by Office Depot.  It is used to collect miscellaneous trash and is usually emptied once every few weeks.  If your timing is good, you can catch an employee with the trash right before it goes into the dumpster just in case you want to sift through it without having to enter the booth.

A grainy shot of #6's platter system, a Christie AW3.  Notice the extra takeup arm attached to the wall.  This is for midget projectionists who are easily confused.  Securing the tail is a vintage and original Bevan-Poo!  This theater's next order of poo will have to be from Moving Image Technologies (aka: Bevco Inc.) since Bevan is no longer at Christie and no one can make poo like Bevan.

A typical sound rack, with Smart processors.  This used to be an AMC theater, and each auditorium used to have digital sound via SDDS, but AMC removed that when they bailed.  Doesn't really matter much anyway, since SDDS is nearly obsolete now.  AMC practically did them a favor. Unfortunately AMC also removed the Kinoton 35/70mm electronic projectors from each screen as well as the 15/70 IMAX projectors from 4 of the 6 screens.

Christie AW3 takeup arms are mounted on the troths, supposedly for interlock.  Notice the upper troth has a mark where the roller should be.  I tried really hard, but I simply could not bend the takeup arm upwards enough to get it to the upper troth marking.  It is said that if you match up the roller and the marking exactly, a secret auditorium will open up.

Kick Ass pictures provided by Joe Redifer.  Joe Redifer kicks ass.  And he will kick your ass if you don't love these pictures.