IMAX 3D Theatre
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Norelco AAII projector with cinema rack and Christie AW3 platter in the background.  35/70mm system designed and installed by Cardinal Sound and Motion Picture.  Mr. Steve Guttag did the upgrade!

Another shot of the Norelco with door open.  DTS and Dolby Digital readers are mounted on the head.

IMAX MKII reel units threaded in a 3D configuration.

Wide shot of the booth.  Dubber, DDP (IMAX Digital playback system), and sound racks in the background.

Another view of the reel unit threaded for 3D presentations.

Reverse angle of booth with Norelco and cinema rack in the background.

Rear shot of the 35/70 system.

Cinema rack for 35/70mm.  Two DTS units provide backup for 70mm DTS film presentations.  Dolby CP200, DA20 and DTS E-175 timecode generator round out the rack.

Special thanks to Gary Weyers for the pics.