Greater Union Cinemas
Brisbane, Australia

The front of the cinema, which used to be called "The Metro".
The Albert cinema holds cinemas 1, 2 and 3.

This is a picture taken in 1939.  Now it is the Albert 1-3 as seen above.

The large auditorium.

Reverse shot of the large auditorium.

Same auditorium with curtains opened.

Booth 1 of the Albert.

Projector 1.  Dolby basement reader installed with DTS.  Processor is a Dolby CP200.

The Albert's revamped candy bar.

The Forum cinema.  This one houses screens 4 and 5.

The spare projector in booth 4.

Booth 4 utilizing a cat700 SRD soundhead and a CP65.

Booth 4 wide shot.

Cinema 5 with DTS.

Special thanks to Tony Matarazzo for the pics.