Triple Reels Cineplex
St. George's, Grenada

From the road you can see the one sheet cases along with their website address.  Opened in June 2002, Triple Reels Cineplex is the first multiplex to be opened on the island of Grenada in the Caribbean.  Movie goers can now experience brand new releases in comfortable air conditioned theaters with the highest sound and picture quality.

The entrance to this ground floor mall theater.  The box office can be seen to the right of the entrance doors.
The box office features fully computerized ticketing.

Auditorium 2.  One of 3 identical, a-symmetrical, 100 seat auditoriums.  Features include: cup holders, a fabulous 13' 2.00:1 fixed ratio screen and left surround speaker conveniently mounted lower than the other surround speakers to accommodate the (somewhat noisy) air conditioner mounted to the ceiling.  'Fortunately' they play the movies so loud that you don't hear the air conditioner running.

Since cropping your scope picture on a 2.00:1 screen would by worthy of a "YOU SUCK" citation, they use the wrong focal length lens to show the entire 2.39:1 frame on the 2.00:1 screen.  By the way, the photo is in focus, the picture is not -- after taking three trailers to get it in frame, the projectionist decided to take a break before tackling the focus problem.

What 'Cineplex' would be complete without a slide projector?  Fortunately, the projectionist doesn't know what to use it for since he has never seen a slide before.
Next time I'm going to bring my tripod into the theater.  Seven second exposures are hard to do when perched on top of a row of seats.

This is the large booth that houses the equipment for screens #2 and #3 of this three-plex.  The #1 booth has identical equipment along with the rewind table for building prints.
Looking from behind the number two console, past the number two platter (conveniently labeled #1) you can see the number three console, projector and sound rack (on the left).  Notice the Kelmar interlock accumulator mounted on the wall beside the electrical panel.  The first film to be interlocked was Spider-Man during September of 2002.

What purple coloured booth is complete without a Potts Alpha Platter or two?

Century SA projector, (in)complete with missing door.  Duct tape makes a great substitute for the shutter view port glass.  Notice the tinted port glass (with un-tinted projection area).  As you can see, the projector is ready to go, threaded with the soundtrack on the inboard side and out of frame.  The projector sits nearly as close to the port glass as it does the back wall of the booth.

Too bad this ORC console wasn't orange.  It would have gone nicely with the purple decor.  Apparently engineering practices in this country allow you to chop away half of a support structure to make room for your lamp house exhaust.

Here we have one of the three identical sound racks, yet again conveniently located against the back wall of the booth.  From top to bottom:  Dolby CP-45, SMART MN586B 6-Channel Booth Monitor and four QSC USA 900 amplifiers.  The bottom of the rack makes a good place to store the second platter control plate, center ring and some film.

Special Thanks to Daryl C. W. O'Shea for the pictures.