The Granada Movie Grill
(now closed)
Dallas, TX, USA

The Granada Movie Grill.  This was originally a single screen in a "downtown" area of Dallas.

This theater was purchased by Brian Schultz and converted into a dinner theater.  Later the company "Granada" was sold and Brian opened up another movie grill known as the "Studio Movie Grill".

The lobby with bar.

Here is the inside of the auditorium as viewed from the back row in the balcony.

Smoking is permitted in the balcony.

As with all of the movie grills in the Dallas area, each row of seating alternates between tables and bar seating.

Shot of the floor seating as viewed from the front row of the balcony.

Shot of the auditorium as viewed from the left side of the screen.

The projection room.  (Yes, it is really this dark.)

An ORC platter that died was recently replaced with a microswitch version of the Strong platter.

Note how cramped the booth is...the platter decks partially cover the sink and completely cover the booth toilet.

The right side of the booth with sound rack, mixer and light board.  (Taken with a flash and halogen lighting that was brought in to get this shot...really, this booth was DARK!)

The Century projector that wouldn't die.  This machine went for years without service and had the steadiest picture in town, despite being covered in decades of dirt, grime and muck.  Also pictured here is the ultra-pathetic ORC lamphouse.
(That flourescent light at the top of the picture along with one regular lamp socket represented the ENTIRE booth lighting and had to be turned off during the show.)