Glenwood Theatre
Overland Park, Kansas

Glenwood marquee on its final show day, April 30, 2000.

15-by-15-foot aluminum chandelier hangs over the main lobby with more than 500 crystals and 200 lights.

Pair of remaining Norelco DP75s removed from service less than 2 years ago.
On this final day, they're stuck in a corner of the lobby next to a snow shovel.

Front view of the Norelco DP75.

Closer look at the 35mm/70mm film path for the Norelco DP75.

Simplex Millenniums replaced all four theatres' DP75s in 1999.
          Glenwood's screen 1 retired as the largest indoor screen in the Kansas City area at a width of 74 feet.

Simplex Millennium with basement reverse scan led reader.

Back view of the Simplex Millennium.
All booth pictures were from screen 2 showing "Erin Brockovich".

Screen 2 platter.

Dolby sound system for screen 2.

Screen 2 rewind table and film storage.