General Cinema Screening Room
Chestnut Hill, MA, USA

The booth is very small and cramped.  It features Century SAs on weird bases intended for mag interlock with 1000' reels, Cinemeccanica 500w xenon lamps (vented into the room!), and a Dolby sound system (rack is on the left in this shot) with CP65, QSC amps, and Electro-Voice speakers.

A close-up shot of one of the bases.

Reverse shot of one of the bases with cover removed.  Note how the motor is part of the base, rather than being attached to the front of the soundhead.

Unusual Century soundhead design (note how film wraps around sound drum more than 180 degrees).

Wide shot of auditorium from stage.

Auditorium as seen from booth.

Auditorium as seen from the last row of seats.

Special thanks to Scott Norwood for the pics.