The Deceased
General Cinema Northpark East3&4

The Northpark East cinema 3&4 theater was the "move down" screens for the Northpark West.  It's auditoriums had 600 and 400 seating capacities as compared to 1200 and 800 for the cinema 1&2.

Unlike the lobby for the Northpark West, this one was half the size and with a low ceiling.

This picture was taken on the last day of operation in cinema 3.  A stage light behind the screen was on.

Reverse shot of cinema 3.  The wall on the left side of this picture was shared by the wall for cinema 4, unlike the Northpark West's back to back configuration (which prevented any hint of audio bleed).

The booth.  Cinema 4 is in the foreground and cinema 3 is towards the rear.  Other than the Christie lamphouses being used instead of the Cinemecannica and the lower powered non-THX sound systems, it was very similar.

The sound rack for #3.  Subwoofer amps were placed in a separate rack behind the screen as was done in cinema 1 and 4.

Cinema 3 running a 70mm print of Lawrence of Arabia during their "Summer Matinee Classics" series.