General Cinema Burlington 10
Burlington, MA, USA

Exterior shot of the GCC Burlingham 10.  Parking is only in the front.

Screen #7, one of two HPS-4000 sound system theaters.

Cinemecannica V-5 projector with Cinemecannica lamphouse.

Reverse shot.  This auditorium is THX certified and features Dolby EX.

Screen #3 with the sound rack inconveniently located behind the projector console.

Typical non-THX / non-HPS-4000 sound rack with roll around DA-20.

The rewind bench.  The first half of Pokemon is on that reel on the right!!!
Spare V5 belts are kept underneath the bench.

The booth desk with NCN ads.

Roll around DTS unit in a THX house.

Shipping containers.

The back side of a sound rack.

Special thanks to Scott Norwood for the pictures.