Gary Stanley's
Projection and Sound Services Screening Room
Englewood , Co

The screen of the screening room.
It features motorized masking capable of 1.33, 1.85, and 2.35:1 aspect ratios

A shot looking back from the screen into the auditorium, which seats 11 people comfortably with soft rockers.
A near-soundproof wall keeps the noise coming from the projector to a bare minimum.

The auditorium control panel-the 4 buttons on the far left control various dimmer settings, the 2 toggles control remote framing and focus of the projector (!), the 3 buttons to the right of that control the masking positions, then of course are the volume and format select controls, with live feedback so you can see the status of the cinema processor, and the 2 buttons on the right start and stop the projector.

The backside of Gary's Christie projector.  Film is loaded onto 7000' reels and mounted on the non-operating side.  Film travels up and over into the machine and ends up on another 7000' takeup reel.  A freeloader looks in through the port window.

The operating side of the Chrisite 35 projector.  Note the belts for the remote framing and focus adjustment.  DTS is equipped, along with a Dolby Digital basement reader.

A shot of the sound rack, featuring a Dolby CP55, DA-10 Dolby Digital processor, and DTS.
This room is a constant state of change, and the CP55 has been replaced with a CP65 and the DA-10 replaced with a DA-20.