Garneau Theatre
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

The sound system is a SMART Mod2C with Smart MosFet amps. The speakers are Altec A4.

The theatre runs reel to reel with 6K reels and has Xetron Lamphouses, Brenkert BX60, Simplex Soundheads, Kelmar Reverse Scan readers and Kelmar automation.

Prevost/Xetron 16mm projector

The Prevost/Xetron 2Kw 16mm projector head

The auditorium from the back. It has a stadium section at the back and a large screen with a stage in front of it and motorized curtains and masking.

A view from the stage. Heywood Wakefield Rockers.

The snack bar from the front lobby with a Manly popper.

The snack bar again

The foyer

Special thanks to Gordon McLeod for the pics.