ShowWest 2001 Film-Tech Drink
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Gordon McLeod and Ky Boyd waiting in the buffet line.

Ian Price (left) and Steve Guttag.

Gordon Bachlund (left) and Tim Dulin.

Gordon finally getting served.

Gordon enjoying a drink.

John Eickoff (left), Jim Bedford and Sam Chevez (right).

The floor got a little crowded this year.

Ky Boyd (left), Jon Busch, John Eickoff (right).

Aaron Sisemore (left), Kat (barely visible), Ky Boyd, Gordon McLeod and Ian Price enjoying the dinner.

Mark Gulbrandsen (center) in absolute awe at Steve Guttag's shoes from afar.
Noel Makisok is on the Left and Gordon Bachlund on the right.

Steve Guttag (right) smirking at Mark's shoes (this is the result of pictures being sent in without captions) while John Gordon from QSC hands out T shirts.

Kevin Eagle (left), Sam Chevez and Barry Ferrell.

(left to right) Aaron Sisemore, Ky Boyd, Ian Price, Gordon McLeod and Mark Gulbrandsen (in front).

Mark after the drink wondering who is responsible for the graffiti.

Special thanks to Ian Price, Gordon McLeod and Mark Gulbrandsen for the pics.