Fox Theatre
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Andy the projectionist, star of the Toronto Star article on Toronto projectionists

Andy and one of his instruments

The theatre seats 300 and a 36' Harkness silver screen

Seating Concepts rockers

Looking to the back of the auditorium the theatre has StudioLab stage and surround speakers

The screen is a floating frame with a silver 3D Harkness screen

The lobby

A Powers projector on display at the back of the auditorium

The complete Motiograph Deluxe with low intensity Peerless lamp and universal base and turntable was the original sound equipment here

A Superior projector with CTR soundhead on display by the snack bar

The projectionists desk and internet access

Projector #1: a Century C with R3 soundhead and Super Lumex lamphouse on a Motiograph base

The theatre has a Panastereo processor and DTS

The sound system has a patch field to allow for tie-in for other equipment

A Hortson 16mm is also installed as well as a slide projector

Special thanks to Gordon McLeod for the pics.