Cinema West Fortuna Theatre
Fortuna, CA, USA

The freshly painted marquee tower.

As usual with Cinema West's marquees, the restored neon is quite impressive at night.

The original box office and the more modern storefront-type entrance of the Fortuna.

A picture of a picture of the Fortuna's snack bar, circa 1957.

The snack bar today. That's Scott Neff working on the cash registers prior to the grand opening.

The poster frames and tile from the original entry that is now all indoors.

The #1 projector. a water cooled Simplex XL on a Simplex SH1007 soundhead with a 4000W Strong Super-80 lamphouse and a Dolby Cat 700 SRD reader on top.

A more detailed look at the XL.

Charlie's Angels #3036 awaits its inaugural show on the Film-Tech resurfaced Christie AW370 platter

Charlie's Angels and 102 Dalmatians sitting there... Those platter decks sure do look nice after resurfacing.

Yet another shot of those lovely platter decks. Notice its quite a squeeze between the platter and the back wall of the booth.

The rewind bench.

The Killer sound system in the 'Big Fortuna': Dolby CP500 with SRD, CFS monitor, biamped stage channels with QSC 1400 amplifiers for all channels, Altec A4 stage speakers, Altec horns, and EV TS8-2 Surrounds. Note the little CFS automation system.

The back part of the booth. The plastic wrap is covering the hallway where the access to the soon-to-be-constructed 4-5-6 booths will be.

The extra storage space and the stairs out of the #1 booth.  This auditorium has a gigantic 45' screen. Unfortunately, none of the auditorium pictures came out.

The AW3 in the #2 booth. Those decks look fantastic!

The #2 projector, a Simplex XL on SH-1007 soundhead. If the projectors look vaguely familiar, you're right! All three projectors and two of the CFS consoles and two amp racks for this theatre came from the now-closed Washington Square 5. Sound in both #2 and #3 are USL JS-260s thru Peavey amps and Altec stage speakers and EV surrounds.

Did I mention how nice the Film-Tech resurfacing job looks on an AW3?

The #3 booth. Another Simplex XL/SH-1000/CFS combo and of course... another beautifully resurfaced AW3!

#3 booth, different angle.

The original changeover booth has been left intact and is fully operational, altough you cannot project a show with these anymore.

One of the original projectors: a Simplex E-7 with mag penthouse on an RCA soundhead with a Peerless Magnarc!

Closer look at the E-7.

The Simplex magnetic penthouse atop the E-7.

The film compartment of the E-7, and the RCA soundhead.

Inside the carbon-arc lamphouse.

Back side of the lamp and projector.

The still-functioning Hertner motor-generator set that powers the carbon arc lamps.

The electrical panels in the generator room. The boxes on the left are the two original Tungar-tube exciter supplies!

The generator arc-current control.

The original (still working) control panel for the projectors and dousers.

Looking in toward the #3 booth from the original one.

The long narrow hallway from the #1 booth into the new addition's booth. Three new auditoria were added to the rear of the original building.

Further along the corridor. Lots of boxes and a Christie MUT along the way.

The #4 auditorium's sound system: USL 6-channel monitor, Dolby CP55, Peavey amps, and Apogee screen speakers with Altec surrounds.

The #4 projection system: Simplex 1014 on 5-Star soundhead, Strong Super Lumex with 1600W Irem power supply and 1600W bulb.

#4's platter, a Christie AW3 in the adjoining room. (about 5' away from the projector).

The larger booth for #2 and #3. #3's platter on the left, #2 sound and lamp on the right. The #2 platter is at the far end of the booth.

The #2 auditorium's immense sound rack: From top: Dolby DA20, CFS 7.1 EX monitor, Sony CD player, USL JSX-1000 processor, USL music distrubition amplifier, Smart TCX624 crossover, five QSC USA900 amplifiers, Kelmar exciter supply, and Dolby Cat 630 (Digital reader power supply). Speakers in this house are biamped JBLs behind the screen, and Kintek surrounds.

The #2 projector: Simplex XL on SH-1000 soundhead with Dolby Cat 699 SRD reader on top. Strong Super Lumex lamp with 1600W bulb.

(Sorry its out of focus)- This is #3's sound rack: Eiseman monitor, Dolby CP55, Peavey amplifiers, and Eiseman exciter supply. Also seen here is the corner of the #3 lamphouse and the #2 platters.  Speakers here are Apogee mains and Altec surrounds.

#3 projector: Simplex 1014 on SH-1000 soundhead, Strong Super Lumex with 1600W bulb.

The MegaSystem HiTech automation system and Component Engineering FM35 failsafes are used on all three auditoriums.

Special thanks to Scott Neff and Aaron Sisemore for the pics.