Rainbow Fairview Cinemas
Toronto, Canada

Vic 8 35/70 in cinema 1 with DTS reader.

Sound rack DTS (35/70) and CP65 with samrt amps and crossover.

Interior of the biamped rack in cinema1 before sides were put on.

Cineams 4 and 5 were strong consoles with Simplex heads Smart Mod6 and Peavey amps and speakers BCAP readers.

Rack cinema 6 biamped smart amps and speakers with DTS 35/70 and mod6 processor DP75 projector.

Rack cinema2 DP75 with 35/70 DTS biamped smart amps speakers and Mod6.

Interior of rack cinema 2.

Cinema 2 DP75 with 3K ORC lamphouse.

Cinema 1 Vic8 35/70 with X60 lamphouse.

Special thanks to Gordon McLeod for the pics.