Fairfax, CA, USA

The front of the Fairfax during the day. This nice little 4-plex sits at the end of a street containing a varied mixture of nightclubs, bars and restaurants in the 'neo-hippie' community of Fairfax. Originally a single screen operated by Blumenfeld and later converted into a twin by Pacific Theatres,  two new screens were added to one end of the building in 1998.

While it doesnt look like much doring the day it looks very pretty at night when lit up.

The largest auditorium, This one was the original single screen house, now about 2/3 its original size. Plans are in the works to upgrade the screen from the 32' one here to a 52' giant screen and possibly stadium seating as well.

The Fairfax' recently recarpeted and repainted lobby.

The #1 Auditorium with new Mobilario seats.

One of the two new auditoriums, this is #4.

Another view of the #4 auditorium and its extensive acoustic paneling.

Booth #1 Century SAW, Christie AW3, Christie 3K lamphouse. Since this picture was taken the lamphouse was changed to a 3K Strong Super-80 lamphouse. Sound in this auditorium is a huge rack with Dolby CP65, Dolby SRD (DA20/700), THX 3417 crossover, and a barrage of QSC amplifiers with JBL and Altec speakers behind the screen and in the surrounds.

Booth #3 (one of the new theatres) during installation. Century HH straight-gate, Strong Super Lume-X and LP power supply originally installed in George Lucas' private screening room (Honest, there are 'property of Lucasfilm' stickers on the power supplies and we went to Skywalker Ranch to pick them up!) and a 50th Anniversary Edition Christie AW3 platter. Sound is Dolby SRD (DA20/700), THX 3417 crossover, QSC amplifiers and JBL speakers. The CP200 in the photo was defective
and was replaced with a CP65 just prior to opening.

The #2 booth-Century SAW on Cinecita soundhead, Christie 2K lamphouse, CFS power supply, and Christie AW3. Since this picture was taken the sound system has been upgraded to a THX-compliant rack very similar to the #1 booth with JBL speakers and SDDS digital sound with a Dolby CP55 analog processor.

Another angle of the #1 booth with the Cinecita soundhead and SDDS reader.

The #1 sound rack: Dolby CP55, SDDS processor, THX 3417 crossover/monitor, and QSC 1400 and 1700 amplifiers.

Updated picture of the #2 booth.

Updated #2 booth shot with the 3000W Strong Super 80.

The new #2 sound rack: Dolby DA20, Dolby CP65, THX 3417 crossover/monitor, and QSC USA1310 and 1700 amplifiers. Not seen at bottom of rack is the XeTron exciter supply.

The #3 booth after installation. Problems developed with both original Centruy HH machines in #3 and #4 and both were replaced with SA's.

#3 sound rack: Dolby DA20, Dolby CP65 (replacing the nonfunctioning CP200 that was originally installed), THX 3417 crossover/monitor, QSC USA1310 and 1700 amps. With that rag hanging there it looks as if the rack is sticking its tongue out at you! :)

The #4 booth after installation.

Closer look at #4's Century SA.

Another angle of #4.

#4 Sound Rack: USL JSX-1000, THX 3417 crossover/monitor, DTS-6D, QSC USA1310 and 1700 amps, XeTron exciter supply.

Shot of #4 during installation.

Some guy (I think he said his name was 'George') decided to drop in at the Fairfax and bring some of his 'friends' with him for a photo shoot for National Geographic Magazine about some movie about a war in the stars.  Its really ironic that after all of this, SW:EP1 *did not* play here, instead it played at Pacific's Cinema about 5 miles away.

Special thanks to Scott Neff and Aaron Sisemore for the pics.