Europlex Cinema Les Rex
Geneva, Switzerland

Welcome to the Rex , Geneva, one one the first multiplex in town. Sorry The cashier is not here. It will be back in a while ! The Tv sets hanging on the roof areher to display the showtimes, advertising and the number of free seats.

A shot from the main entrance, the theaters are downstairs. This 3-plex was brought in 1986.

A reverse Shot of the stairs. You can¹t miss the name of this theater!
eplexrx3.JPG. The Access to the theaters, House Nr 1 Has 475 seats, Nr 2  236 seats and Nr 3 178 seats.

Downstairs, You¹ll find the Bar for auditorium 2 & 3

A Shoot of the hallway accessing auditoriums 3 & 1 (the Nr 2 is behind us)

Front of the entrance of the auditorium Nr 1, the another part of the bar.

A Wide shot of the auditorium Nr 1: Masking is in Scope position, yes I know is not a really big screen, but in 1986 it was the biggest one. The curtain on the walls close automaticaly when the show is starded to hide the mirrors.

Reverse Shot of the auditorium Nr 1

A Wide shot from the booth, All Cinemeccanica V8 Projector and CNR platters, Old Style. The xenon Lamp are Osram 3000 W. for Nr 1 and 2500 W for Nr 2 and 3. At back you can see the machine nr 1, in the middle it¹s the machine nr 3 and at your right you can see the platters from machine nr 2.
You can also interlock the three cinemas but is necessary to use more than 40 meter of leader !
All auditorium are Dolby digital. Auditorium NR 1 has a reverse scan reader with Red Leds, and Use a Dolby CP 650 Processor, the Nr 2 and 3 are with a CP55 and DA 20, but they will be upgraded to CP 650 soon. Electro-voice speakers and QSC amps.
In the middle: The make-up table with a Cinemeccanica rewinder.

A reverse Shot from the machine Nr 2

A closer Shot from the projector Nr 3. The machines 1 & 3  was able to play 70mm movies. But we don¹t use anymore this format. 70mm was played just for one week the first year of opening, but it was too complicated for the projectionist to play the advertising in 35mm, stop the projector, modify the film path, thread the projector in 70mm, and run the show.  For that the magnetic penthouse was removed.

The sound racks for the auditorium NR 1. 8 sounds channels, Component Engineering MS-100 booth monitor, Dolby CP 650 D Sound processor, DTS 6 player, SDDS Processor, Electro-voice crossovers and nine QSC 1400 series amps.

From the time theses pictures was taken, all projectors have been upgraded to reverse scan reader combined with Dolby digital reader. And all auditoriums are using CP-650D. The SDDS is only installed in auditorium 1, DTS is used in auditoriums 1 & 2 (I hope in a close future install one unit at the Nr 3)

The past year, we replace all surrounds speakers by JBL speakers. Good idea isn't it?  Imagine the crappy sound coming out of these speakers !

Accessing the shutter for timing or the electric douser for repairing is so easy: Just remove the Lamphouse !

If you had never seen the inside of a V8, Just take a look !

Special thanks to Jean-Michel Grin for the pics.