Entertainment FilmWorks' Highland 10
Austin, TX, USA

This theater is part of a mall, but in it's own shopping center on the outskirts of the mall's parking lot.

Very spacious lobby for a 10 plex.

One of the larger theaters, complete with curtains.

Yes, this used to be a General Cinema (as noted by the mat on the floor).  Here is the film work area.

Shot of the hallway with 4-7.

Projectors #1 and 2 pictured here.

Cinemecannica projector heads, Cinemecannica consoles and Christie AW3 platters.

The V5 projector is on all but one auditorium.

This theater features SDDS (pictured here), dts and Dolby digital sound systems.

Here is the V8 35/70mm projector with Dolby digital.

The sound rack for the large auditorium.  Subwoofers are powered from behind the stage.
This is an ex-THX house.

Projectionist William T. Paar threading a V5.