UA Denver West 12
Denver, Co

A before/after shot of auditorium #9 taken from the same angle.  This is a big house.

A before/after shot of #8, looking at the screen.  Another big house.

A before/after shot of booth #3, featuring projectors 3-7.

A shot of the upstairs public acess hallway during construction and after completion.  The risers in the floor to the right in the before shot are where #8 and #9's projectors will sit.

A better shot of auditorium #9.  A THX house.  In fact #8 and #9 at the Denver West were the last 2 THX houses UA has ever built.  This was also their first stadium seating theatre in Colorado.  Look at the surround placement along the back wall.  Dolby Digital Surround EX might sound kind of goofy n there!

A better shot of one of the booths.  Denver West uses the typical all Christie package.

Projector #8.  Notice the SDDS isn't threaded.  That's because it didn't work very surprise there.  Even the prototype Dolby Digital basement reader performed better, although it eventually died completely.

Thanks to Joe Redifer for the pictures.