Avon Theatre
Stamford, Connecticut, USA

The Avon was twinned in 1980 by making the balcony a separate theatre. Because state law at the time required a projectionist for every booth a theatre had, a second booth was not built. Instead a drop ceiling was installed in the former balcony, which was actually behind rather than above the main seats. The projector for the larger auditorium projects over the drop ceiling and the beam can just make it onto the screen. The projector for the balcony is angled sharply downward so the beam can get under the drop ceiling.

The exterior under renovation.

The main auditorium under renovation.

The balcony auditorium under renovation.

The sound rack for the main auditorium. Dolby CP-50, Kelmar monitor and Yamaha amp.

A Century projector and soundhead for the main auditorium.

Xetron lamphouses for both auditoriums.

The projector for auditorium 2, at a much steeper angle.

The sound rack for auditorium 2, packed with Kintek equipment.

A Christie Autowind 3-5 serves both projectors.

The rewind bench.

Xetron dimmers for the main auditorium.

Special thanks to Roger Katz for the pics.