Cozy Theatre
Wadena, MN, USA

The recently restored marquee was done by a neon student as a class project.

The grand drape.

A shot showing the balcony and the booth wall.

The balcony.  If you look closely, you can see the red, blue and aqua neon in the ceiling troughs.

The Cozy is running a Century C with a RCA 1040, SPECO platter and an Ultra Stereo sound processor.

Better view of the projector.  The lamphouse is a Strong Super Lume-X with a 1600 watt bulb.

Here is auditorium #2.

The #2 booth.  This has the same equipment as the main house except this one has a Century R3 soundhead.  This booth is also much larger than the main house.

The very clean make-up and tear-down area.

4th generation owner, manager and projectionist of the Cozy, Dave Quincer.

Special thanks to Josh Jones for the pics.